1. Big Life on a Small Budget: Happiness Below the Poverty Line in Developed Countries (Field Research 2015-2025 – Salzburg, Austria) ;

2. Taxation and State Propaganda (Book: «Hacienda somos todos, cariño», co-authored with María Blanco and Carlos Rodríguez Braun – 2022, Ed. Deusto, Spain) Avalaible at;

3. Economic Problems and Challenges of Classical Music in the Digital Era (PhD Dissertation Project; Field Research, King Juan Carlos University and Mozarteum University – 2016, Salzburg, Austria);

4. Sustainable Growth and Development: An Austrian School Approach (Master Thesis, King Juan Carlos University – 2014, Madrid, Spain)

5. Stoics and Epicureans at the Roots of Modern Minimalism (2020, Salzburg, Austria);

6. Economic History of Contemporary Chile (1973 – 2010) – (Bachelor Thesis; Awarded the Extraordinary Prize of Degree, King Juan Carlos University – 2012, Madrid, Spain.)

7. Do Size Really Matter?: Tales of Chauvinism and Purchasing Power Parities (2010, Madrid – Spain);